Insurance for camera worth it?

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Re: Yep, personal items policy

iwannabesedated wrote:

One thing that's not clear to me: Does a homeowner's insurance policy also cover things like repairs? For example, if an insured camera stops working, will State Farm pick up the repair costs? Or does your policy just cover loss/theft? -iwbs

My policy, which 2 weeks ago sent me a check for $2200 to cover the replacement cost of the 5D2 I'd recently drowned, doesn't cover routine repairs, but believe me having that policy was well worth it to me! One slip while wading across that river with my 5D2 ended its life three weeks ago when it and I went under water, but the insurance company covered the loss with very few questions asked. Had I not had that policy I would have been just sick to my stomach about the sudden loss of such a fine camera.

By the way, my insurance cost is inline with what the others have said, about 1%. I have approximately $15,000 worth of equipment insured and it costs me about $150 per year.

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