New ISO dial on next cameras...? New Iv Mode...?

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I'm all in.

Make it so, Number One.

Le Kilt wrote:

Now that ISO has more or less become a third exposure parameter value, is it time to reconsider the exposure mode control(s)?

Canon (and others too), how about a new ISO dial on the next bodies?
It could enable us to select quickly between:

Fixed ISO values, that would take up half the dial.
Auto ISO - Low range (avoid ISO above e.g. 800)
Auto ISO - Medium range (avoid ISO above e.g. 3200)
Auto ISO - Full range
Auto ISO C1 - user defined range
Auto ISO C2 - user defined range
Auto ISO C3 - user defined range

Now, about our good old M mode, should it allow Auto-ISO?

Should we not have an Iv mode, where we set the ISO value and T and Aperture vary? (ok, this is really the old P mode without auto-iso!)

Or how about these modes on the dial:
M : Set T, A and ISO, and nothing varies
TAv : Set T and A values, and ISO varies (M with auto-ISO)
TIv : Set T and ISO values, and aperture varies
AIv : Set A and ISO values, and T varies
Tv : Set T value, and aperture and ISO vary
Av : Set A value, and T and ISO vary
Iv : Set ISO value, and T and aperture vary (our old P mode before auto-ISO)
AUTO : Set nothing, everything varies!

Setting one of these modes, you instantly know whether none, one, two or three settings are allowed to adjust exposure. EC should work with all settings other than M and maybe AUTO.

What do you think? Would that be better and more logical, or just confusing?

Whatever happens, some fine-tuning of how we control fixed and auto-ISO would probably be welcomed by many.

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