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amalric wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

amalric wrote:

the wrong assumption that the sensor could be nothing else than the GX1 one, and thus, according to them, a mediocre one.

It still can be the same sensor, just cooled by the fan the sound of which everybody confuses for the sound of IBIS.

You think they pushed that beast really hard, do you?

I do. Sounds much more plausible than a totally different sensor which just randomly appeared to have the same exact size and resolution as Panasonic's released just a little bit earlier. From a company having no chip manufacturing of its own, and in financial troubles.

When DxO release their FWCs for the sensor, it will be confirmed (if the numbers are within their margin of error - what is it, 5%? 10%?) or otherwise. Noise levels are going to be lower, but that can be achieved by cooling - much cheaper than designing the whole new sensor.

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