Safari Lens? (40-150mm + 45-200mm or 40-150mm + 1.7x teleconv)

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Re: Safari Lens? (40-150mm + 45-200mm or 40-150mm + 1.7x teleconv)

I used a panasonic compact super zoom(DMC-TZ6) so my experience is rather limited. However I did look through my photos and there were some great up close shots.

Lenses and why

Panasonic 100-300mm

In many of my shoots the optical 12 zoom didn't go far enough. There were interactions going on I could barely capture like cubs playing with their mothers.

A good 14-42mm lens

There will be times you will get up close to animals or birds either by the road or in the rest areas. A wide angle is also needed when they are in packs or have an elephant by the road.

I may post some examples tomorrow if I have time. It will give you the general idea the situations you most likely encounter.

Deamonllama wrote:

C Sean wrote:

at least two bodies - changing lens is not an option and you need to be ready for anything to happen

I have two bodies (a PL1 and PM1) and was planning on putting the 14-42mm mk II on one and the 40-150mm on the other.

If I did get the 100-300mm, from your experience then should it be 14-42mm on one and 100-300mm on the other or 40-150mm on one and 100-300mm on the other?

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