LCD light leak: ANYONE experienced problems outdoors?

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Re: LCD light leak: ANYONE experienced problems outdoors?

No issue. In fact, this issue is B.S. in my mind. Happens with many other Canon bodies but now is a huge issue and people demand it be fixed, because we all know people will be shooting in dark caves and using that top LCD so much with the 5D3.

People are over-anal with this camera, seriously. Enjoy it and stop worrying.

I, for one, will not be sending my camera to get "repaired" because it does not effect me at all. Metering has been flawless for me in any condition. The only reason Canon addressed it is because so many people flipped out about it. Even in their statement Canon basically states without saying it directly that everybody is idiotic if you think this is an issue, but if you want, send it to us to add a little tape or something to fix it to make you feel better.

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