Lloyd Chambers sends back the Xpro 1

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Re: Lloyd Chambers sends back the Xpro 1

This is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much: my lack of enjoyment PP'g mass photos after a vacay etc. The less i have to tweak the better. It's become probably the single reason most responsible for me taking it everywhere and shooting at will.

harold1968 wrote:

I suspect people sending it back are doing so for other reasons, e.g. buyers remorse

Anyone who has seen the JPGs can survive on them almost indefinitely

I also do all my processing in lightroom, but I am surprisingly finding the jpgs to be quite editable in lightroom in my normal flow

Not to say I am not excited about lightroom RAW support


sgoldswo wrote:

I agree that other Camera brands get RAW support much quicker than the likes of Fuji and Sony. It took something like 3 months for RAW support for the NEX-7 to show up in Aperture, so this isn't unprecedented at all and is a very odd reason to return a camera. I agree that this seems like cutting off one's nose to spite your face, especially since adobe (and no doubt Apple) are working on RAW support (there are a number of statements about this on Adobe's website).

johncecilian wrote:

I read Lloyd Chambers this morning, who is pretty thorough about his testing and review of the latest cameras, but apparently was frustrated with the fuji xpro 1 and has given up on it...weird, that he says the photos aren't sharp since that has not been my experience. He seems more bothered with the lack of RAW support.


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