auto ISO on NX200

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Re: auto ISO on NX200

i haven't shot manual so I didn't know this. Thanks. Good to hear about the 30 as I await the arrival of mine.

On the flash, I am an available light shooter except on my smartphone!

Don't know that I am up for manual focus without focus peaking or evf. Tried that and tired of that with my 5n. Good luck though!

shademaster wrote:

Hi all.

So my NX200 came. I was pleasantly surprised that auto ISO works in M mode! I set A and S and ISO is selected to get the exposure right! It never made sense to me that NX100 wouldn't do that. Thanks, Samsung!

Also the AF on the 30mm is "WAY" faster. And the flash is "cute". I had been using my S95 in "party" scenarios mainly because of the flash (SEF20 was too big). Now I think I'll bring along the NX200.

Satisfied with my impulse luxury purchase. Now to acquire that Rokkor 55 1.7 from my neighbor...

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