Is a tablet a suitable replacement for a Pentium 4 PC?

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Re: Is a tablet a suitable replacement for a Pentium 4 PC?

If you indeed don't do ANYTHING else (absolutely nothing!), then, you may find you're able to do all of your stuff on the iPad. However, don't dump that old P4, you may still need it - for example, for jailbreaking the iPad, should you ever need to do it.

Printing works if you purchase an AirPrint-compatible printer. (However, don't except much printer fine-tuning. You can't even enable toner saving. Also, printing Yahoo mails is nearly impossible.) If your (directly networked) printer isn't AirPrint-compatible, you may still make use of it if and when the iPad gets a jailbreak - printer hacks work juts great.

wklee wrote:

I've got an old P4 1.8 GHz PC but I'm wondering if a tablet is a suitable replacement for it? I only check mail and browse with it presently. I can't print after I decided to try PCLinuxOS on it even though Canon has Linux printer drivers on its website.

Are there ways of printing from Android/iPad? Should I stick to i3/i5 since Ivy Bridge based PCs since will out in a few months?

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