You guys are SO spoiled...

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Re: You guys are SO spoiled...

Mike Scott wrote:

Bad analogy... a car roll at 100mph will kill you.

As will a bride if your pictures are terrible

I'm more concerned if buyers are willing to allow and accept product issues and product concerns to be prioritized and only announced if manufacturers consider them worthy information. That would definitely lead to excessive beta testing by owners and performance problems being discovered by owners.

I don't equate price to the level of product testing a manufacturer should perform on any item prior to its release for sale. A $3500 camera and a $80,000 car should follow the same protocol in pre-sale testing. OR, every purchase must include a 100% return policy when and if an unacceptabled performance flaw is discovered.

This is purely subjective, unfortunately, since there are so many early buyers who seem perfectly fine to be beta testers. I am not one. I just refuse to buy until testing provides solid evidence of performance results matching advertised results.

With a camera purchase, I'll wait for the pro test results to be published. If everyone waited like that and sales depended entirely on positive test results, we would see far far better products with far far fewer issues.

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