OMD now on DPreview's studio scene comparison

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Re: Equivalence Freaks

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

amalric wrote:

Well, apparently there is even a new patent for the sensor.

But the equivalence freaks, trolls under a transparent disguise, need to draw an equivalent object.

They are really bores with no imagination left, something leading to Hell.
That's why they are the Undead who keep coming over and over. Poor s@ds.

. . . This is the amalric that I like. Slayer of equivalence freaks and the undead.

I wished I could. Seriously, they wrecked the 4/3 forum and now they try us.

The good thing is that this forum is such a crowded mess that they don't know where to begin with. Besides P&Shooters couldn't care less for equivalence, so they're having a bad trip.

Let's make it worse


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