FL600R - Anyone have it or have an ETA???

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Re: FL600R - Anyone have it or have an ETA???

luigibenet wrote:

It sounds like I am the only one excited about the FL600R!! :> )

I have had the FL36R, FL50R and the FL300R. Now I used the Metz 58 AF-2 on my E5, but it is WAY Too big/heavy for the M5 (I tried it on the P3).

So I am looking forward to a smaller, 4 oz lighter flash, with and LED (I had an LED Light for the PL2 for low light focus as it did not have a focus assist light) that recharges in half the time as the FL50R. I think it will be OK with the fact that the guide number is lower, as the M5 has better high ISO performance than the E5......

Hopefully someone will get them in stock one of these days so we all find out if it is any good!

I ordered the FL600R with the OM-D, grip, battery charger, and battery. The FL600R and battery are on back order. I used the OM-D with the FL36R the other day. It did a good job with iso1600 provided I boosted the flash setting to +1.7. Having 4AA's will give me more peace of mind vs. the 2AA's in the FL36R. The FL50R makes the camera top heavy and unwieldy, in my opinion.

For what it's worth, I was shooting photos of an insurance claim in total darkness. The camera would not lock in focus until I illuminated the scene with a flashlight. Then it seems to work fine, although about 5% of the shots were out of focus. Perhaps it was me.

My impression was that it did a better job under those conditions than my E-5, but I have not had an opportunity to verify this.

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