Anyone have the Epson 7890??

Started Jan 28, 2011 | Discussions thread
blitze Junior Member • Posts: 47
Re: Anyone have the Epson 7890??

Great printer.

Initially had nozzle clog warnings but with time they stopped and nothing a pair nozzle clean and verification nozzle check.

Migrating to Cone Color Inks with no issues and running Epson and HP roll stocks with great success. If it has been standing for a while, I run a nozzle check to be sure it's good to go. I also leave it powered which has it going into low power state when it is not in use but reduces start time and waste tank use with power up nozzle cleaning.

Great colours and output. First Large Format pigment ink printer and very happy but, yes it's a big one and weighs quite a bit too.

Using refillable 350mm carts from Cone Color, they slot in well.

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