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Re: Good bag for the EM5

Hi Rob,

very useful information, thanks very much!!!
Congratulations for the soon to become mrs and you!

Do you have by any chance some pictures with the E-M5 inside, to get an idea of the whole? and is it possible to fit a larger Macbook in it (say 15" or even 17?)

Another q: is it possible to reverse the inside padding to have the ild closiing inwards?

Again: tis for the extended explanation. I think I am sold on a Billingham. Now I only have to figure out which one...

AdventureRob wrote:

Ergo607 wrote:

AdventureRob wrote:

I use a Billingham Hadley Pro and love it. Quite expensive, but it'll last a lifetime and doesn't look like a camera bag. All the internal padding can be removed so it can also be used like a normal messenger bag too.

Hi Rob,

I am also looking for a messenger bag like the OT, and am very interested in the Hadley (or the f/ stop.) The problem is that I can't find much information about the Billingham cases, except that all persons that have one love them. Since the price isn't exactly what one would call cheap, would love to read some more experience about the Hadley. Care to share more?

One question I have is what it can hold. I wouldn't use it exclusively as a photo bag, but one that also can hold other stuff (lunch box, spectacles, papers, etc...) Hope you can share your experience...

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Well there are a few Hadleys and F stops for different sizes. A hadley small would be good enough for micro4/3 but I got the pro anyway as I usually grab a bag by its handle so appreciated the handle on top.

At the end of the day, it is just a bag. But like a lot of more expensive than they need to be things (including the OMD), it gives a satisfying sense of ownership. The quality is great and I love the interior natural green colour too. I got black and black, which some people thing is a terrible idea and Billinghams should only come in tan but it hides the dirt better and is more discreet (also a reason why I chose a Black E-M5).

2 front pockets are nice and seem to hold a lot of stuff. I use one for photography stuff (cleaner, cloth, light diffusor) and one for being out of the house stuff, including my thick (tri fold, not because its full of cash!) wallet, a few tissues, passport and chewing gum.

The quick access belts are also a reason to go for this bag. Messenger bags are quicker than backpacks at getting your camera out with, and this one is even faster than usual. It's the reason I picked one over Domke.

Inside is a nice size, you can hold 2 micro 4/3 cameras and 4 lenses no problem I imagine. I have a gorillapod hybid, 2 lenses, external flash, one camera and have hidden an engagement ring at the bottom of it too for when I propose to my girlfriend this week (!). It accommodates a Apple macbook pro 13inch nicely.

If you removed the camera padding, you could probably fit 5 macbook pro's in there. It's just a nice size for a messenger bag. The nicest bit is you can clean take all your photography stuff out to use the bag for another purpose and put it back in later without pulling things out one by one.

My only complaint is I wish it had some more smaller pockets like the inside of the lid to store memory cards in or a lens cap.

The rear document section is a bit useless. You can only really fit paper in there, but if you want a A4 sheet in it has to get screwed up a bit to fit in. Leaflets and stuff it's good for though. Not sure if an iPad would fit in there as it's quite tight width wise.

Highly recommended, I don't see me buying another camera bag again.

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