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Re: A note from Gerry's brother.

Thanks Ron, (I just mailed you btw) but I'm happy to pick up all the issues raised so far.

'Refusing to post to Australia'? No I didn't, Australia just wasn't included in the list of countries I would post to without a polite request through Ebay.uk. If I had been asked, I would probably have said yes. Still might, if asked nicely enough.

The serial number. First off, I always believed the hype that there were only 3,000 of these ever distributed. The contributors to this thread have made me realise that there might have been more than 3,000 SP 180/2.5s made but (maybe) only 3,000 with the brassy 35th Anniversary tag, plus some others. I also knew (but then forgot when I was doing the listing) that there were folk out there with lens serial numbers that didn't tally with the 50 + numbers between 0000 and 2999 (or 0001 and 3000).

So I plead guilty to a bit of careless attention grabbing in my ebay listing. My excuse (not a very good one) is that another 180/2.5 sold on ebay a bit over a week ago with the same claim, same sort of pic of the serial number that I showed. What I still don't know (none of us outside Tamron Corp. do) is whether there were 3000 'Special editions' numbered 50* and upwards, with brassy tags, and then some more with a different code.

And do you know what, I really don't care. I have always thought 'what a damned shame' that such a fine design should be limited to 3000 copies, and I'm quite encouraged that there might be more out there without the brassy label but just as good a piece of kit.

It's ironic, though, isn't it? I'm guilty of bigging up my copy as only one of 3000, but someone, somewhere, may have one without the brassy label that could market it as even more rare because it hasn't got one....

I hope I've put that to bed - rare or not so rare, serial number be what it may, it's a very very very good lens.

One last minor quibble - someone said there are always a few of these on ebay at any one time (something like that). I don't think so, a handful a year would be my guesstimate?

Gerry, you will remember pitching into a thread maybe a couple of years ago, started by Ron who had alerted folk on here to a 180/2.5 on offer from KEH (?). You said 'my brother's got one of those, but I don't think it's part of a special edition'. I have always thought you just didn't know that there were only ever 3000 released; now of course I'm not so sure.

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