Ballhead recommendation-- RRS BH-55?

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Re: Markins is not hard to find

SmittenHobbyist wrote:

my bh-55 supports a safety stop for my replacement feet on my long glass

It works with a safety-stop pin on the plate, but the BH-55 doesn't have a safety-stop pin on the clamp.

Putting safety-stop pins on the plate is a poor idea because it makes the lens/camera unstable when you stand it on a table, and because the pins can mar a table surface.

And the RRS camera plates don't have safety-stop pins. Since the BH-55 can't use a clamp that does have safety-stop pin that means there's no way to have a safety-stop at all if the camera-body is in the ballhead. This can be a consideration when putting $30k of camera and lens on a ballhead.

At some point I'll probably take my BH-55 to a machinist and have it fixed so It can use a standard clamp but it would be nice to not have to do that.

I had no idea that markins was a cheap Korean import

The Markins heads seem to be on par with RRS. They certainly aren't a "cheap Korean import".

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