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Re: B&H---Please read HenryP

morpheus_23 wrote:

I've made attempts to rectify a customer service issue to no avail. Perhaps you can help.

I ordered my D800 back in Feb. It was paid for from my Paypal account. Later in Feb. I knew I was moving from Pennsylvania to New York (Rochester). I called to change my address but the rep said the only way to do it was to change my address with Paypal, cancel the order and re-order the item. He said I would not lose my place in line. I changed my address with Paypal and called back. The order was cancelled and I had to wait for the refund and then re-ordered. When I got the refund in Paypal, I reordered. When I saw the confirmation email the date of the order DID change and the address was the same. I called back. I was told that Paypal did not reflect the address change and my place in line was changed to the new date and there was no way to change it.

My address with Paypal HAS changed but I'm told again to cancel and re-order. I didn't realize that Paypal owned B&H and I recognize that there are policies in place with Paypal, blah, blah, blah. But common sense has to prevail here. I don't live there anymore and yet a baseball cap is on it's way (probably deliverable today) and I'm 3 1/2 hours away. If my camera does ever ship, I have to take off work and drive 31/2 hours and wait for UPS. Does that seem reasonable?

I'm PO'd that I lost my position in line and no one there seems to be able to help with this. Sorry for the post here but I can't seem to get anywhere through normal channels.

Order # 1019620740 is the original. Sorry to bore everyone else here.

Since you moved to NY state, wouldn't there now be a state sales tax requirement as B&H operates in NY? Is it still worth ordering online from B&H with the tax?

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