why just a USB HD in the news?

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Re: why just a USB HD in the news?

Good point, I suppose anything that can transport digital images is worthy of mention. I hope he will also include all the new devices which can read cards directly also, and/or if there are any that can work directly with cameras via usb or wireless technology.

Jay wrote:
When one considers the large file sizes of todays digital images,
news about storage is always relavent. Most active photographers
have image archives spanning many many gigabytes in time. While
most of them usually burn them to CD for long term storage, it's
not uncommon to keep large amounts of "working" images stored on a
hard drive. The fact that the USB hard drive is portable and you
can take your images wherever with you is a great plus. It doesn't
apply specifically to active photo shooting, but photography has
always been as much about the time spent in the "darkroom" as it
has about the time spent behind the lens. Think of it as your
digital shoebox.

Anderson wrote:

How is a normal USB Hard Drive related to digital photography?

Wouldn't it be better to report news about up coming portable hard
drives that can read flash cards?

For example, like the upcoming x-drive version 2, image tank/bank,
SuperDigiBin etc etc These are designed for flash card use (ie
primarily for digital cameras out in the field)!

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