D800 and Capture NX2 help !!!

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NX2 has batch too.

You can download the latest from nikonusa.com

Download the latest ViewNX2 and Capture NX2

For Capture NX2 - download and install 2.3.0 and then 2.3.2 update in order

Now in terms of usage, folks here can help you with certain difficult situations, the majority of the effort will still lie on you to learn the actual usage of the tool. Spend some time learning how to use it.

One thing to remember is the right pane has logical order of settings to be done while using NX2. It helps with the flow of how you want to make adjustments

There are tons of helpful tutorials/info on the net (nx101.com and youtube are good sources). Note nx101 shows them using older version of nx2, but it gives you an idea.

To answer your immediate question:
Nikon does have batch processing mode - its under the batch menu

One can use this to run a set of presaved adjustments and apply it to all the files in a directory/sub-directory
You can apply this batch process to .NEF or .JPG or both.

I haven't explored ACR for batch processing, and yes it also can be executed in batch mode from my understanding.

The only time I used ACR for .NEF is when I am not too worried about washed out colors and I want to recover details from highlights/shadows in people shots, while for rest NX2 does a great job. But this is a matter of individual preference.

Enjoy your camera and spend some time learning about NX2 to get wonderful results.

prasanaphoto wrote:

In a day i shoot minimum 500 shots out of which i process around 350 .is there a way to run batch process in Adobe ACR? or should i use only Capture NX2? the Nikon software is not available in Chennai,India

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