Do you use just wide mode as we do?

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Re: Do you use just wide mode as we do?

Condor wrote:

I haven't printed a photo in years, as I haven't mailed an "enveloped" letter in years, as the majority of normal people I supouse.


I can understand that, there are a lot of people who never print theses days and if TV is your preferred method of enjoying your pictures why not? But if that is the case I'm a bit puzzled why you consider the extra 2mp (approx) file size from the GH2 multi-aspect ratio sensor in 16:9 mode such an advantage over other 16mp 4/3 sensors? Surely at TV resolution the difference between 11mp or 13mp is meaningless, right off the scale? Or maybe resolution on modern TV's is much higher than I thought - I'm confused?

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