Color shift on X10 and close remedy on LR

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Re: Quick question

JJJPhoto wrote:

Fair enough. I haven't had much time to use my X10 yet so I haven't settled on my personal preferences for camera settings (RAW, JPEG, EXR mode, etc.) but looking at your example images I would say the reds in particular look overcooked in the original compared to your edited version.

I like my images to be pretty saturated but I don't want any particular color channel to be too hot in terms of clipping the color to something that's completely unnatural.

Thanks for your posts and examples.

Well, I noticed the color shift the very first time I use it. It didn't bother me very much as I think the original OOC jpeg is quite good (as a whole).

Did tried the color settings and Wb shift and shoot raw but unfortunately none of them worked for me.

I very much agree to what you says about the color saturation. That is why I tried to make the photo as "natural" as possible before any serious post processing.

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