Color shift on X10 and close remedy on LR

Started Apr 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP rainman1978 Regular Member • Posts: 127
Re: Quick question

JJJPhoto wrote:

I assume you're shooting RAW, but if you're shooting JPEG, wouldn't it also work to just lower the in-camera saturation setting and then boost yellow in post?

I'm shooting 12MP jpeg. The in camera-settings is simply useless or should I say it does not offer enough setting options (in finer interval, or even individual colors channel) to fine tune the colors. Just to be fair to X10, I dun think any better P&S or DSLR adjust colors like LR or any other image editor.

Sadly to say, all I want is colors to what my eyes see and not some funky weird pinky tone.

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