Color shift on X10 and close remedy on LR

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Re: Color shift on X10 and close remedy on LR

FeedMe wrote:

rainman1978 wrote:

As many of you know, the red channel on X10 is always off, at times it either yield orangey or pinkish tint to the photos.

Just want to share with everyone that some simple adjustment can actually reproduce the colors much better and more vibrant.

Both are of the same pic, one of them is processed.

It's also changed the yellow on the cat-thing too, but it IS nicer yellow!

It does look a lot better. It's a little scary just how much change was needed; + - 50 is quite a bit!

ISO 100
WB Shift Nil
Color Hard,provia

Default - OOC

After adjustment of color channels in LR. No other contrast/brightness adjustment etc.

Altthough my monitor is not calibrated, in my untrained eyes, the colours are reproduce back much better.

Red luminance -50
Orange luminance -20
Purple luminance -50
Magenta luminance -50
Yellow saturation +50


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Only a sad fool invests their self-worth in a camera! You know who you are...

Yes. I did it by trial and error, yes that's the value that looks closest to what I see on my monitor.

I'm now working back with my old X10 photos to confirmed the luminance changes, guess what? The red is back!

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