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Re: E-M5 UK Pre orders

Thanks to the above posters, specifically for the info about filling in the 'serial number' field 'to be provided' .. by April 30.

Here is my similar correspondence with Olympus UK for the record.

The initial reply I received is also a bit vague and I sent another e-mail to which I haven't received any response (after 5 days).

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I pre-ordered the OM-D/E-M5 silver camera body from Amazon UK in March, largely because I wanted to take advantage of the advertised free HLD-6 grip offer.
As currently stated, the claim for this offer has to be sent in by May 31st.

However, today I received an e-mail from Amazon saying:

"Olympus has informed us that the launch of this item in silver has been delayed until May 25, 2012, however, this item will be available in black from May 2, 2012."

Since I definitely want the body in silver, can you provide any assurance/method that Amazon UK customers who have ordered the silver body in good time but who may now not receive their order until extremely close to, or even after, the May 31st grip offer deadline, will still be eligible for the offer?

Thanks for any help,

Best wishes,
Dear [Mapleflot],

Please be aware that as long as your order is placed by the 31st May you will be able to claim for the FREE grip even if the camera does not arrive by this date.

Thank you

Kind regards

Customer Support
Customer Service
Tel: 0800 111 4888
Fax: +44 (0) 1702 445134

Thank you for your reply.
I think my concern stems from your web site form:


where it asks for the serial number of the product which, really, you can only have once the camera is in hand.
However, I will take it from your reply, that this can be by-passed?

Thanks again.
Best wishes,

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