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Re: Grips kill puppies - say no to grips

texinwien wrote:

You're looking at it from a glass half empty perspective. Here's the glass half full perspective:

It's rational to like the idea of making a camera that is as small as possible, because that's often very convenient for just carrying around, then offer accessories to make it larger for those situations where larger is more desirable.

It is far more rational to have several systems and use each for its dedicated purpose, for instance m43 when you want to be unobtrusive or travel light, and 35mm Canon or Nikon when you want the best ergonomics, best autofocus, optical viewfinder and, yes, grip. Trying to do it all with one camera is like trying to eat your lunch with a swiss army knife. It's possible but silly.

Would you have preferred that they'd made it tiny and offered no optional grip? Or would you rather see it huge, by default?

Would I prefer a car that can also be converted into an airplane and a u-boat? Not really, thank you, I'd take the plain ordinary car thad only drives on land. It doesn't even have to have mounts for rocket lounchers, either. When I decide to invade a country I'll take a tank. It's designed with that purpose in mind and does it much better.

danijel973 wrote:

You mean it is irrational to dislike an idea of first making the camera as small as possible and then screwing on stuff that will enlarge it to the point of making the attempt in size reduction futile?

It's like you can't be pleased - you don't like it tiny, you don't like it large. Maybe you just don't like it at all, in which case, what are you doing in this forum?

I wouldn't like to have a tiny fork to eat a steak and I also wouldn't like to eat it with a pitchfork. A tiny fork would do just fine for a cake, and a pitchfork would do just fine for, I don't know, scaring people. I'd hate to scare people with a small fork for eating cake, that would look ridiculous.

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