sample images from oly OM-D EM5....

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Re: sample images from oly OM-D EM5....

villebon wrote:

dansenor1 wrote:

I agree that today, all these new cameras : nex 5N, nex 7, OM5, fuji xpro...

and that'd great ; so we now may choose thank's to own lens set, budget and ergonomy

Wait! There's more than low light ISO. There's dynamic range (DR) and colour depth. M4/3 sensors have always lagged behind APS-c sensor as to dynamic range and colour depth.

In real life those differences almost never matter. Plus because of the IBIS you can often shoot at a lower ISOs which gives you more DR and color range.

I'll quit posting for now, but the Oly IBIS is a game changer. I have had Sony DSLRs/SLTs with IBIS for years, but this is a step up.

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