OMD now on DPreview's studio scene comparison

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Re: OMD now on DPreview's studio scene comparison

Austin101 wrote:

how's the conversation with yourself going?

Quite nicely, thank you!

Some more information from user "Detail Man" concerning the topic of this thread:

Detail Man wrote:

The Shutter Time on the EM5 was longer than on the GH2 by a full 2/3 EV ("stop"), but have look for yourself. The recorded peak and average RAW signal levels are (nevertheless) significantly lower in the case of the EM5 relative to the GH2. No less than 1.537 EV less. Hard to ignore ???


However, the square-root of the ratios of the Peak/Average Ratios of what you are seeing above (and the resulting disadvantagement of the recorded EM5 RAW image where it comes to Signal/Noise Ratio resulting from Photon Shot Noise) is no less than 0.785 EV - regardless of whether the RAW-levels of the two images (reflected in their histograms) are scaled in order to roughly match each other. Notice that simply using RawDigger to look shows this very clearly ...


DPReview fails to provide Studio Comparison Tool RAW test-shot image-files that (at least in this case) could be said to represent anything even remotely close to a comparison that allows for the Signal/Noise Ratios of two camera models (in RAW recording mode) to be compared. Better that readers know than waste their time

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