50D image quality

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Use live view

When I need critical focus with the 50D, I always use Live View - silent mode. It eliminates any focus calibrations issues and mirror slap.

The 50d was the first camera where I had to worry about issues like diffraction and camera shake also. I found I could not come close to the 1/focal length shutter speed. So I usually needed to go to 1/(2x focal length). Diffraction also clearly robbed resolution over f/10.

It will expose the weakness of your lenses wide open also. 50 1.4 and 35 2.0 are terrible wide open.

Finally, micro-adjustment of lenses is a very tricky business. It depends on lighting conditions (sunlight v. artificial), subject distance, ambient temperature and the precision of the AF system.

Decent RAW converters and pp with noise reducers and sharpening give me excellent results up to ISO 3200.
For me it is working much better than when I bought it.

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