Ballhead recommendation-- RRS BH-55?

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Markins is not hard to find

tyyreaun wrote:

EDIT: Actually, I just saw that Markins wasn't even readily available in the US until 2009. Before then, you had to go through a bunch of importing hoops to get it from Korea.

I bought a Markins ballhead in 2004 from their North American website. No hoop jumping or import hassle. They were not new or unusual even then.

I also have a BH-55 now.

Comparing the two the only obvious operational difference is that the Markins lockup is smoother: it's easier to loosen the head slightly and shift to a new position. It's not a big deal.

The most important difference is that the BH-55 clamps lack a safety-stop pin and the BH-55 can't use a clamp that does have such a pin. The BH-55 is priced and marketed as a premium head and ought to either have a safety-stop pin or the ability to use a clamp that does have one.

Note that any heavy setup goes on my Wimberly head and a heavy-duty tripod, period. I don't know how either (any) ballhead behaves beyond a D3S & 70-200.

I normally use the Markins today because of the safety-stop pin.

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