Is SD15 the best dslr that Sigma ever produced?

Started Apr 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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I like Mike's answer...

The SD10 was my favorite camera for IQ, even though it was limited to short exposures and ISO under 400. It handled shadow noise (IMO) better than the SD14 or SD15.

The SD15 is mechanically a much better camera, and in general it's easier to get good photos out of it. It has much less headroom for overexposure, and the deep shadows can clot up with the ugly noise (the SD10 is easier), but once you learn it, the camera is good.

I'd avoid the SD14 like the plague, even though I have many images that I love out of it. Mechanically it's just trouble.

I've not shot an SD1. I see the issues with banding on some posted images, but I have to tell you that the prints that are going around the country are spectacular, and have the Foveon 3D effect in spades, so I'm not convinced that it's not the best camera of the bunch. It certainly is the most demanding in terms of lenses and technique, and that's on of the reasons I've held off on picking one up (a couple kids in college is another...).

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