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Brian Mosley wrote:

amalric wrote:

Brian Mosley wrote:

amalric wrote:

What is now interesting is to see what this application for a patent made by Oly for the E-M5 sensor actually means:

The translation is gibberish:

Wow, that is possibly one of the worst translations I've ever seen. Quite surreal trying to make sense of the translation. It does make me wonder about the difficulty of translating japanese to english.

Interesting subject though.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that it comes straight from 43rumors, which is looking for a better translator.

If you look at Techradar's charts you will notice that contrary to previous models, the E-M5 is much better than the E-P3 in RAW than in Jpegs.

Truepic 6 being the same, it would point to something happening in the sensor. A built in denoising the Jpeg engine cannot improve upon?

I don't understand - the jpeg engine operates on the raw file... so if the raw file is improved, the jpeg should build upon that improvement.

Yes I know. However Truepic 6 having been made for the 12 Mpx sensor perhaps cannot handle as well the new features of the 16 Mpx sensor.

Perhaps it even conflicts with the built in denoising, so that the latter is switched off?

That is why it is important to know better about this patent.


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