Evaluative Meter = TERRIBLE for 'Focus & Recompose'

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Re: Evaluative Meter = TERRIBLE for 'Focus & Recompose'

Evaluative metering is not any worse for "focus & recompose" than for any shot without recompose ! It will always work within the limits of your AF system :

If you can have the perfect framing AND one of the AF spot exactly where you want to focus AND the metering evaluation being perfect for your shot, then it will work fine. That's already 3 conditions to get, not so easy, right ? For the last one, I mean that even if you have the perfect framing & AF, who knows if the exposure will be perfect ? Most of the time, it will be, but not always depending of what you want to achieve with the photo. So even with perfect conditions, it still relying on the number of AF points that you have, and some luck. Most of the time, I'm sure one would like to be able to frame, then to tell the camera "ok, do your metering here, between those two AF points". It can't work this way... No matter if you are recomposing or not, this problem exists, right ?

That's why we have manual exposure. And exposure compensation. We should ALL be able to see if after recomposing the exposure will be way off. Especially with Canon, where this evaluative metering is not changing that much if you recompose a bit. Compared to the Nikon metering, I think the bias is much smaller.

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