Is the SD1m the "poor mans" Nikon D800

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Non sequitur

SandyF wrote:

You imply, if not directly state above, that you have never used the camera. But you're disputing with people who actually have used the camera... in fact, used loaners, then decided to buy the camera. Your posts thus seem strange to me.

I've never used the Sigma camera either, but as somebody said "you don't need to live in a garbage can in order to know that it stinks". It's not possible or necessary to try every camera to know enough to make a judgement.

Nobody argues that Foveon sensor has very good per pixel resolution, though the other cameras have a lot more pixels to compensate for that. But other than that it's very difficult to make case for Sigmas, neither the pictures, nor other measurable data speak in favor of Foveon. The fact that on occasion Sigma produces good color, good rendering of dynamic range, etc. doesn't invalidate the arguments.

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