OMD now on DPreview's studio scene comparison

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After the battle...

tjuster1 wrote:

Oops! Didn't know they'd been available before. I guess I'm just slow, or it's just late, or . . .

They were nested in another review, but I mentioned them over and over when there was a fleld battle here about the sensor never being able to deliver as P. Potka and Techradar said.

The comparometer was there to confirm, while trolls were imparting us the error in our ways, on the wrong assumption that the sensor could be nothing else than the GX1 one, and thus, according to them, a mediocre one.

What is now interesting is to see what this application for a patent made by Oly for the E-M5 sensor actually means:

The translation is gibberish:

The original is here:

Any of you a Japanese speaker?

If I understand well the denosing is hardwired. That possibly explains the stellar performance the trolls could not accept.


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