Building PC, need help!

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Re: Building PC, need help!

I don't see a video card in your list. If you are going to be doing video editing, the i7 2700K on-board GPU is probably not sufficient. I have seen studies (Tom's Hardware, forget which article) that Premiere performance gets a significant boost by offloading tasks to the GPU. As far as that goes, it should be noted that Adobe has a special affinity for NVIDIA cards with CUDA processors. Adobe has a list of recommended cards on their site.

This is getting really nit-picky, but I am building a system with a 256GB SSD for the boot/program drive, plus a 64GB SSD scratch drive where I plan to store both the LR catalog and the cache (both LR and PS). I store the image files on 2TB WD Black drives.

I also plan on 32GB memory - probably overkill, but memory is cheap.

Don't neglect a data back-up strategy.

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