Would YOU buy a 5D classic still or spend more for a 7d / 60D or other ?

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So... I had a 300D originally and that was annoyingly slow to start up. I replaced it with a 400D, which was fine.

I have also owned a Pentax K10D, Panasonic GF1, G2, LX3, Canon SD2xx.

I have used a Canon S90.

Does it feel old? Well given my main camera (400D) was similar vintage to me it doesn't feel old. The G2 is a much newer camera in years but it isn't wildly snappier to turn on or off.

The control system is different for sure. I find the power switch placement annoying.

I don't really use the LCD to look at photos in the field. I shoot by histogram for post processing in RAW. I try to clip a small (unimportant) amount of the photo at the white point to get the best dynamic range performance. Aside from that I just need the LCD to make sure I got the framing right. (New cameras have all these high resolution LCDs which people seem to be unable to live without, but LCDs in bright outdoor light generally don't work at all anyway no mater what the resolution).

The micro 4/3 with 9-18 mm lens is a masterpiece of engineering for landscape (feather light), that makes that great for travel and long backpacking trips. Also that system is great for using legacy glass (if crop factor isn't an issue).

The 5D enables me to have a camera for more artistic control and somewhat better IQ, if I feel like hauling it (if I'm using a tripod I'm using my 5D).

Both camera systems feel similar. The huge gains in camera systems ended at 400D honestly. Before then we had tiny 1.8" LCDs and things. Because the physical size of the cameras stays the same all we have really seen since 400D times are incremental improvements in noise and DR and a bunch of features for videos which I don't really use beyond little clips.

Its all about the lenses in the end not about bodies.

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