Would YOU buy a 5D classic still or spend more for a 7d / 60D or other ?

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I did

When the MKIII came out I got a MKI.

I did so because I wanted shallow DOF access.

While a MKII or III is better I like you shoot mostly non-action stuff, and so the focus system isn't much, therefore most of the improvement was just resolution.

Resolution maximization requires very nice glass, and limits on what apertures you use. Therefore you aren't always loosing as much as you might think particularly at high f numbers on a 5D. (IE a 5D mk II at f11 or f13 might have almost the same actual resolution due to diffraction).

The one down to the 5D was that the one I got was very dusty on the sensor. I had to clean it. 5D mk II of course has at least some anti-dust measures.

Still not worth over 2x the money though to me.

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