Evaluative Meter = TERRIBLE for 'Focus & Recompose'

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Re: Evaluative Meter = TERRIBLE for 'Focus & Recompose'

cs hauser wrote:

tony field wrote:

All of the metering methods work as I expect.

On the 5D-II:
C.FnIV-1 set to 3
C.FnIV-2 set to 1

On the 5D-II (and almost always on the 1D-IV) I use centre point focus only.

Pressing the shutter button 1/2 way locks the exposure as desired. keep pressed.
Locate the subject for focus and press AF-on. Focus is locked as expected.
Recompose and continue to press the shutter button for release.

Evaluative metering is biased heavily towards the selected AF point, because the camera assumes that AF point is directed at your subject. If you take a meter reading and your subject is not under that AF point, then the camera will foolishly try to expose for whatever random object happens to be under that point (even if it's not in focus).

Yes. That it the way it works. If you are foolish, you will point the metering at some random place.

If you understand how you metering/focus system works, then it is easy to utilize in a logical fashion. It is necessary to determine the sequence of events of events that will result in an appropriate exposure. I choose exposure, focus, recompose, shoot as the correct sequence. There are trivially other sequences that work as well.

If you had carefully read what I originally wrote, you would already know why your method is flawed. I don't feel like re-writing everything that I already wrote. If you re-read it, you would know why your method is wrong. You end up having a meter reading that is heavily skewed towards some random object.

I did read carefully. Seems you do not. I merely pointed out the workflow of shooting that can result in appropriate exposure.

My method is not "flawed". The objective is to take the meter reading from an appropriate area (not random) that is will deliver the right exposure for the scene. Maybe you point to random areas and pray - I suggest that you try to figure out how the meter (any mode) actually works and learn where to point the meter.

You seems to assume that evaluative should be magical and do as your imagination would like it to do.

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