Evaluative Meter = TERRIBLE for 'Focus & Recompose'

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Re: Evaluative Meter = TERRIBLE for 'Focus & Recompose'

cs hauser wrote:


The most convenient workaround is to lock exposure before recomposing. But this will result in an exposure that is not optimal for the recomposed scene.

All of the metering methods work as I expect.

On the 5D-II:
C.FnIV-1 set to 3
C.FnIV-2 set to 1

On the 5D-II (and almost always on the 1D-IV) I use centre point focus only.

Pressing the shutter button 1/2 way locks the exposure as desired. keep pressed.
Locate the subject for focus and press AF-on. Focus is locked as expected.
Recompose and continue to press the shutter button for release.

To me, this makes sense and works as expected.

I have always found evaluative to be erratic. I prefer average, spot, and small spot.

What the camera SHOULD be doing is memorize the meter reading at the active AF point when focus is achieved (i.e. the subject). Then every subsequent meter reading should be skewed towards this memorized value. This memorized value will not be erased until the next time the camera starts auto-focus, presumably with a new subject.

I don't quite follow this logic.

What I would like to see is the old Nikon style of buttons with AF-on and AE-lock as two independent operations.

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