If I buy my 1st SLR today, I may not pick a Canon

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Re: Congratulations

Also a T2i user. Ive owned it long enough to get 9000 shots out of it, and I have no intention of replacing it any time soon. As a matter of fact, I still recommend it. As far as I'm concerned, I bought the perfect camera at the perfect time. It was a huge upgrade over the previous model, was consideably cheaper than the D90, and seemed to be better than the D5000. I took a brief look at some Pentax offerings, but it was always going to be one of the big two. 3 years from now, what ever incarnation of the 7D/60D is available is likely to be my replacement camera. I figure by then I'll be looking at a camera in the neighborhood of 28 mp (18 is enough for me) much improved dynamic range (biggest opp), with in camera HDR (not that important to me, but fun), and wifi (it'll be in everything by then). I'm going to make sure I get a camera that is the first to use it's sensor. Its gotta be annoying that my t2i sensor is also in your 60D. ha.

For now, I'm routing for Canon to pull ahead in the same way I route for my favorite sports team, but it doesnt matter too much. Its all going to change two or three time before I'm in the market again.

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