Just cancelled Amazon D800 and closed my Amazon account

Started Apr 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tony Beach Forum Pro • Posts: 10,587
Order it locally

Find a camera store near you and give them your support. This seems like a good time for you (and others I think) to start supporting your local merchants, and that might prevent the day coming when Amazon et al. are your only options.

You might be waiting a while for the D800 though, no matter what you do. This too might not be a bad thing. Yes, a camera like the D800 is long overdue from Nikon, but now that it's been announced we all need to understand that it will take time for Nikon to iron out the kinks in the camera and its accessories (for instance, the battery "service advisory" is a bigger deal than many realize), and it's just going to be difficult to meet the extraordinary demand for this camera.

Sorry to hear about your frustration and good luck.

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