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Re: Fixes in 1.1.2

KeBul wrote:


From Canon's 5D MkIII Product Advisories, Service Notice;

Firmware Version 1.1.2 incorporates the following improvements and fixes.

1. Supports a new accessory, GPS receiver GP-E2.

2. Fixes a phenomenon where a pink cast may develop over the image when the shutter is completely pressed with the camera’s power turned off (by the auto power off setting).

3. Fixes a phenomenon where the camera operation stops after one shot when shooting in High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode.

4. Fixes a phenomenon where the Shooting Date/Time in the EXIF data of the image shows a later time than the actual shooting time.
5. Fixes the time zone for the Samoa Islands.
6. Corrects errors in the Finnish menu screen.

For $3000+, why weren't these issues detected in the "testing" phase before the camera was offered for sale?

All of the early buyers, at the very least, should receive a Canon T-shirt and an employee badge for being unpaid beta testers.

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