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Re: Brilliant deduction, Columbo...

Kevin Layer wrote:

What I think is funny, no sad as hell, the people talking the most about this are people that don't even have the f'ing camera. Yes, you.

You border on being a troll. I sure wish there were a way on this forum for me to black out your posts. I would do it in a heartbeat.

Whoooaaah! He’s bringing out the big guns now! The “troll” insult!

You’re absolutely right. I don’t have the camera.

That’s because I bought it, found that mine leaked light through the LCD screen, saw Canon’s advisory, determined that there’s no reason for me to have in my possession a camera body that leaks light when Canon intends to produce ones that don’t, and then returned it.

When they don’t have any more of the screwed-up 5D3 units in stock, I will re-purchase the camera.

Sound good to you?

And since you can’t black out my posts, let me offer this suggestion: DON’T CLICK ON THEM THEM!

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