Just cancelled Amazon D800 and closed my Amazon account

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Re: Is amazon even shipping?

Stangs55 wrote:

TFergus wrote:

Valentin Hertz wrote:

Stangs55 wrote:

What's got me baffled in all of this is that Amazon doesn't even seem to be getting any in....with mom & pop shops having D800s show up regularly now, you'd think that we'd have heard of at least ONE person getting an Amazon shipment (after that first shipment block)....but there's been nothing...

So why is Nikon not sending Amazon stock?

good question my friend!

I see at least 2 ... in this thread alone.

Which I'm sure is just a very minute sampling of all the Amazon orders that were shipped.

Reading is fundamental.

Oh really? Would you please point me to those posts in "this thread alone" that show people receiving a D800 from Amazon after their initial shipment?

After your belittling comment, I reread the thread...I still don't see it...so now that I've covered my "fundamental" part, it's your turn.

After reading this response of yours, it made me read your original...
I missed the part about "after that first shipment block".

I am mistaken.... I thought you were saying you hadn't seen any mention of Amazon deliveries period.
(see.. reading IS fundamental)

So... it seems they may be in the same boat as B&H,Adorama, etc.

Everyone but Best Buy.

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