used 1DMark4 vs. new 5D3

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Re: used 1DMark4 vs. new 5D3

I just upgraded from a 1D2 to the 5D3. The only things I miss about the 1D2 are related to the pleasure of the shooting experience: weight and size of the camera, feel of the buttons, and the super fast viewfinder blackout. The weight and size, while great for shooting, were the primary reason for my upgrade because I just don't like hauling the 1D2 up mountains. (Modern batteries and sensor were also useful upgrades.)

My new setup is lighter, focuses better in lower light, and creates better photos in lower light. I also go the 24-105 f/4 IS to replace the 24-70 f/2.8; this gives me even lighter weight, wider angle (while retaining the long), and image stabilization while the newer AF system and sensor easily overcome the loss of a stop.

As for birding, there's a much better and less costly solution to the 1D4 and its slightly higher pixel density: buy the 5D3 and the Rebel 2Ti (or 3Ti). Put the rebel on your long lens and leave it there. You'll have a better setup for all your shooting situations, a backup camera body "just in case," and will have paid less money and have about the same amount of weight to carry. (The 5D3+3Ti actually weighs less than my 1D2 body.) If you're using an f/5.6 lens for birding and using center-point focus, I'm not so sure the 3Ti is much behind in the AF department; for weatherproofing... use a plastic bag!

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