Sensor cleaning... how long does it take?

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Re: Sensor cleaning... how long does it take?

Go to:

Read paragraph that start with: “First, don’t be put off by Nikon’s disclaimers” about Lithium Niobate filter hardness, just below first set of pictures.

Next go to:
Read paragraph: When to use canned air.
A blower can also be used.

Finally check this site:

I noticed that dust spots started to appear on my pictures taken from my D7000, started to look around the web for solution, all the warnings about damage to the sensor that can occur etc. Went to the dealer where I bought the camera, the rep said that it would take a trip to Nikon service Center and about $200.00, or I could buy one of the cleaning kits on display and take the risk by doing it myself.

I decided to do it myself by following the direction of the last link above; it took about five seconds to clean the filter part. The only other thing I did, I softened the cotton tip by piecing it several times with a clean needle.

Replaced the lens to the camera, went outside took a picture of the blue sky and checked the picture on my computer, all spots were gone 100% clean. It only took one try.

Note: this applies to removing dust from filter only. To clean oil spots you may have to use a drop of Eclipse on the Q-tip to dissolve the oil.

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