How do I export RAW files with the Olympus Software?

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Re: How do I export RAW files with the Olympus Software?

joe6pack wrote:

I don't understand what you mean. Most P&S, XZ-1 included, has its charger built-in to the camera these days.

Don't hold up the XZ-1 as any real example of that.. I do not buy ANY camera unless I rate it as pretty top class and usually the choice is equally regarded so by very many others.. and in what must be at least 10 years of buying digital cameras I just cannot think of any ONE other than the XZ-1 that ONLY provides for battey charging via the side plug-in (it is interesting that in fact there ARE chargers sold for use with the XZ-1 for those who seek them...) .. so that side-plug method is pretty unique..ALL others seem to work very well in the conventional way of opening the battery door and extracting the battery every time to re-charge. I haven't heard of many - or any - that have exactly fallen to pieces for doing so.

Of course if you may buy a cheaper P&S camera.. maybe you get what you pay for... it costs less to do it that way

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