Canon vs Nikon RAW

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Re: Canon vs Nikon RAW

Graystar wrote:

steelski wrote:

I always find calling people names brings out a pathetic response such as yours.....

So you admit to being a forum antagonizer. It's people like you that make forums an unfriendly place. I don't know what issues you had in your childhood to make you so bitter, but I suggesting getting up, walking up those basement stairs into that kitchen, and airing out your issues to your mother so you can get this behind you.

As I am married with children maybee I should talk to my wife first.

Its funny how you are following your own advice to shut up before me

And it's funny how you can twist a situation so that you can perceive it in any way you wish. It's called being delusional (a typical symptom of people who spend too much time in the basement.)

I thought I was being funny.

... especially when a semi logical question is in the mix. Grow up and learn some manners before mouthing off in the future, that way you wont have to make up an excuse in future. let me educate you further on the matter. A "bit" is ALWAYS a 1 or a 0.
here is some reading for you that confirms the brightness level relationship.

THAT'S the information you rely on?? Something written by Michael Reichmann??? Do you put a fox in charge of the hen-house as well? Most of what he wrote is of little significance, and a few things are simply wrong. He's not known for the technical prowess. I suggest you find a new hero...after first addressing your psychological issues, of course.


I do not rely on Mr whatever his name is. I simply thought you were incompetent of understanding it.

As you proved in another post, you have some knowledge and some knowledge muddled up. The OP is asking about 12vs14 bit files. he is right in stating that a 16 bit workflow is available, but clearly does not grasp the direct, indirect relationship. You seem to not grasp the fact that color profile and RGB value has nothing to do with the fact that bits mean graduation information for any given color channel, you even mention monitors which have no relationship to the file whatsoever.

You indicate you know about brightness values in the sensor, but neglect the fact that almost all sensors are RGB filtered.

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