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Re: Doing it all

I'm kind of like that.

Except I'm freelance, and i contract almost mainly writing/still jobs. However, i do video on occasion. But nothing more.

It would seem, that the media today need more from their phogs. It's not enough to do only one thing well. You are supposed to do another thing, even if it's so so par standards. I dare to say I'm an professional writer and an ok photog. Video on the other hand mainly mystifies me.

I don't complain. I'm learning as I go, and since the premise is set so, that my employer knows that I basically suck at editing video it doesn't matter. Kind of like a paid internship.

What they want is content, quality will follow. I know, I know, this is wrong. But that's just the way it is.

I'm not the only one either. My collegues had to step up their game a lot. I have wind on my back since photography has been a mistress of mine for a long time. Now imagine a 40 year old journalist picking up a camera for the first time. I had to teach them the very basics myself.

Man, I would love to do only stills, but it ain't happening until i start my own business focused on weddings only. And freelance work for magazines, but that's a few years away.

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