Good bag for the EM5

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photo perzon
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Osprey Large fits E-M5 in a jacket pocket with 20mm (concealed)

And in the other pocket another Osprey large will fit 2 zooms or 3 primes)

That way any jacket will conceal the E-M5 and the lenses in the other pocket and you won't look like you have a sign on your back that says "I'm an American tourist please steal my bag with maybe a Leica in it and sell it on eBay."

Starred wrote:

I had a very nice classic looking camerabag for my Olympus Pen, and now I am looking for a good and lowprofile camerabag for the EM5. It shoot not shout: Camera!

The bag needs to be large enough to accomodate the EM5, and 2-3 m43 lenses, and comfortable in use. I am not looking for a backpack kind of thingby the way.

Any suggestions?

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