Just cancelled Amazon D800 and closed my Amazon account

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Re: Just cancelled Amazon D800 and closed my Amazon account

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I ordered and received my D800 from Amazon. I cancelled my order with B&H (the vendor I almost always use) because they couldn't provide me with a shipping estimate or my place in line. Since Amazon provided a delivery date--and then delivered--I just ended up using them.

Should I be cancelling my B&H account out of frustration? I don't plan on it since both B&H and Amazon have been very good vendors for me over the past several years.


May I ask you when did you place your Amazon order for the D800 and when did you receive it? Are you in the USA?

I'm upset because I placed my Amazon order on 2/7 at 8am, which was the first day in the US when pre-orders were accepted. Amazon changed my shipping method after 1st delivery date wasn't met, as a way to make me happy. What I wasn't told until later was that the change resulted in me losing my place in the queue and I was pushed back. If they had told me that this would have happened, I wouldn't have allowed the change. But because it did, I hear stories of people who ordered after me getting their D800 from Amazon. That is why I am so upset.

I don't think that can be true! Why would changing the shipping method change your place? I ordered @ 3:45 est on 2/7 I have now delivery estimate 4/13 - 5/1
and I changed my shipping to one day. Go figure...

I changed my shipping address and it bumped me to the bottom of the line without warning...so it's not out of reason, really.

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